Kate’s adventures, challenges and discoveries

Welcome to the exciting world of Kate’s designs, adventures and challenges. I have been working with a variety of fibers, leather and glass. The story begins with my stained glass mobiles. After being diagnosed with a lung disease, I wanted to celebrate the wind and the wonderful element of breath. I immediately thought about my love of flying kites as both a child and an adult. So began the journey of my stained glass mobiles, Kites of Glass. As my hands began to take the toll of working with a soldering iron, lead solder and varied chemicals to patena the solder, I began to look for a more gentle alternative to give my hands a rest. This took me back to a time in my teens when an elderly Nun from Scotland taught me how to knit. So I began to knit scarves for friends and co-workers. This was great fun. While at a bead show in Philadelphia, I was introduced to the exciting world of braiding using a Japanese technique called Kumihimo. This started me on my journey of making bracelets and necklaces. I was able to explore color, texture and design. My next step was to go off to craft shows. It is quite difficult to put yourself and your work on public display for praise and critiquing. I discovered a new community of wonderful people selling their art and craft at these shows. What a bonus and a continuing inspiration. Stay tuned…

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