Moving Forward

Greetings from Kate.

Braiding fiber was exciting and challenging. As a member of the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers and Fiber Artists, I was privileged to witness the work of wonderful weavers. I must admit, the thought of the structure and patterns did not entice me at all. I did pick up knitting again and worked on scarves. No patterns just color and texture, oh what fun. Then I took all of my “left over” yarn of all colors and textures and began to knit quite an amazing colorful scarf. I knitted as the spirit and my supplies guided me. When I completed it, a weaver friend of mine commented, “That is so Saori”. Of course I asked what Saori was and so started my path to weaving. Saori is a free style of weaving. No patterns, just ideas as you go along. I found a Saori Studio in Philadelphia, Ready to Hand, and started going there for classes. Leslie Sudock is my instructor and she opened the free form of weaving to me. Within a short amount of time I had my own Rigid Heddle table loom and I was off and weaving. This wonderful free spirit also entered the world of my Kites of Glass and I found I was choosing and working with much brighter and more textured pieces of glass. So my weaving and work with stained glass have continued to influence each other and I continue to do both. I find I like to cut glass and solder in the morning and get that great morning sun and weave and braid in the afternoon. Oh, did I mention, I am still doing my Kumihimo braiding. My life has continued to be more interesting on a daily basis since I retired two years ago. This is not the end of the story, stay tuned…


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