About the Artist

kateetsy1My glass art is a combination of glass and light and the movement and freedom of the wind. The textures of nature are displayed in the framing of the glass. The Kites of Glass can interact with the  wind, rain, snow and light outdoors or be on display indoors and interact with the light and motion of the indoor environment. I invite you to sit back and enjoy the peace, serenity and wonder of the Kites of Glass.

They will fly as high as your imagination will take them.                       

Working with glass and hot solder is very demanding on fragile hands. For this reason, I chose to expand my love of color and texture to the medium of fiber. There is great energy when glass and fiber meet. Working with fiber is soft and soothing for both the hands and the spirit. The kumihimo Japanese brading has a meditative quality and allows for the quiet space where creativity for both the braids and the stained glass can be developed and nourished. Also, working with the varied colors adds fun and playfulness to the process. 

I now have a weaving loom. So I am looking forward to expanding my work with fibers to woven pieces. So stay tuned…

My new line of woven bracelets is now posted on my page





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