I am teaching the following classes at the Bead Fest Philadelphia 2017

Go to the Bead Fest Web Site for further information and to register. –  Location – Oaks Expo Center

Setting Up Your Etsy Shop, Square Account and Pinterest Page 

Sunday – August 20th from 8:30am to 4:00pm

Join me for a workshop to learn about Etsy, Pinterest and Square. The workshop is designed to give you an introduction to these three powerful marketing and sales tools. A screen, projector and Laptop with Wi-Fi will be used to visit each of these programs in real time to explore and learn about their potential. Learn how Etsy can serve as your web site with a fraction of the cost of maintaining a web page. Etsy is also your site to sell your work and to show your work in a gallery setting. Learn how Pinterest can be connected to your Etsy site to drive sales. Pinterest is also an excellent source for inspiration. Square is your low cost system to accept credit cards anytime anywhere. The goal is to have participants sign up for these programs on their own devises during the presentation or to have detailed instructions to set up the programs when at home. A booklet developed by Kate is part of the class giving step by step instructions for set up as well as tips and resources. Picture taking is an important part of Etsy, Pinterest and Craft Shows. Demonstration of a reasonably priced Table Top Studio will be part of the class with information about purchasing this system.  I am a Baby Boomer, and I understand the struggles of learning new technology. I will answer all questions on all levels.

 Photographing Your Jewelry –  How to Hands-On  (Using your Smart Phone/Tablet/Camera)

Saturday – August 19th from 8:30am to 4:00pm

Join me  for a workshop to learn the basics of photographing your jewelry and taking pictures. The workshop is designed to go over the basics of good photographs for your Etsy shop, Ebay site, web site, Pinterest board or social media. This is a hands-on class. There will be four stations set up with a maximum of three students at each station. Each station will have a complete table top studio with lights, backdrops, tent and tripod. Included with each station will be a computer with an editing program allowing you to review, choose and edit the photos of your jewelry. A camera will be available at each station if needed. There will be setups for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Each student will be able to photograph a minimum of three pieces. You are invited to bring your own laptop or tablet to edit your photos if a camera is used. This class is for the beginner photographer and the more experienced photographer searching to improve the quality and composition of their pictures. I believe learning can be fun and interactive.